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Style me fab

As a self-proclaimed closet fashionista, my style has always been my own and I pride myself in knowing the appropriate attire for most situations and dress accordingly. However, every once in a while I stand in front of my dresser and dread deciding what to wear when it comes to going on a date.

I am sure you will agree there are several scenarios that can make this a stressful period, such as:

1) You have been given a time when you will be picked up, but no clue as to where you are going. Here is where most women go to the simple black dress but no, not I- that would be too simple. (I like complicated and red) lol

2) Blind dates where you are not sure how tall your suitor will be. When you are 5'8" and love stilettos as I do, that can pose problems!

3) Times where you are told to wear comfty clothes but not sure what that really entails. I know people who are only comfortable when they get home, take off their bras and get into PJ's. Surely that would be classified as unacceptable date attire.

4) The ultimate dilemma is when he says "we are going to a friends pool party". Here is where you need to decide to bare all or not. I already crossed that road once and you can hear about it in my blog “bathing beauty bachelorettes”

Well ladies and gents, I have found the answer to this fashion dilemma and her name is Jennifer Kelton. Jennifer has been a leading fashion stylist for the "who's who" in sunny California for years.  She has now extended her company to help those who need to dress for their night out and wanting to look "oh so picture perfect". The company is called DRESS FOR THE DATE and Jennifer is your personal dating stylist done one on one or by Skype. Either way she will peruse through your dresser and help you create the perfect coordinated outfit for that impressionable first encounter. For a small fee, she will coordinate the rest of your wardrobe for future dates.

Give her a call, what do you have to lose? Well, maybe that old sweater that has reindeer and snowflakes on the front that grandma knitted.


Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?

Tell me your funniest memory in love stories!




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