#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Welcome to Solo In The City the company that helps navigate you off your couch and into the world of opportunity. This week, take advantage of 2 meet up groups coming together to give you an evening of laughter, dancing and mingling, not to mention a fabulous red carpet event held at Thursdays on Crescent in light of Studio 54…and more. Remember get up, get out and get social.

 This week I'm talking about the group meetup.com and how all Montreal solos should be taking advantage of all the groups available & if you're a leader, take the opportunity and start your own group. Be proactive and get up, get out, get social.

To all you single men & women in and around Montreal this week, we have lots of cooking and dating going on, and what better way to strike up a conversation with someone, than in an atmosphere with other singles, delicious food and great wine? Between Cook and Date, La Guilde Culinaire and Meet Up you should have yours hands full…and your tummy…and maybe your heart. Remember to get up, get out, and get connected! Have a fabulous week my fellow solos XO

Welcome back to another week of flying solo in Montreal. This week we are focusing on speed dating! There are 3 events hosted by MeetUp.com, Dashing Date and Elite Speed Dating, on three different days, so if your feeling ambitious, get out there and try them all. The best that can happen is that you connect with someone, the worst that can happen is that you will have met plenty of fresh new faces…and again..who knows what the future holds. And always remember to keep it simply social, life is just too short! xo Cheryl

Have you found yourself flying solo in Montreal? Local or tourist, there are plenty of places to keep you busy meeting and greeting. This week, it might be a cold one but Montreal winters are what bring us together to keep each other warm, try heading out to L'Hivernale, a skating rink with a custom bar, dj and chef. You can also get those skis waxed and head over to Mount Orford, you can also keep the home smelling delicious with a cooking class for singles learn how to cook Greek food and impress that new date. So much to do, thats the easy part, the hard part is making the time…because you deserve it! Have a wonderful week!

There is no other city that hums like Montreal during the Holiday Season. The streets are filled with laughter, new faces appear from the woodworks looking to celebrate and connect, so get out there and do the same. Find a happening seat at a bar or restaurant and talk to those around you, buy a round of shots to break the ice…be the change you want to see in yourself. Happy New Year! xo

Cheryl Besner is getting you ready to celebrate the Holidays…in style and solo. Being single does't mean you have to be alone, or lonely. Taking the time to realize that life is about living in the present moment, that all that surrounds you is yours, its what you do with it that makes makes the difference. Just because you can't be with the one you love, doesn't mean you can't love the people you're with. Get up, get out, get connected and make this holiday one to remember. xo

The winter is here Montreal..there is no doubt about that with 30 + centimeters of snow on the ground. Even though it's cold...why not choose the uncomfortable path instead of the couch? Nothing grows in comfort..maybe except your waistline ;) Be single, have fun, enjoy the moment and all those around you. Let's celebrate life...and to all those celebrating this week, Happe Hanukkah! xo Cheryl