#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

I've gotta dash!

How many times do we use that expression when we have to get somewhere and we’re running late?
Well today I will be giving the expression a whole new meaning, as I venture out tonight to experience my first "date-working" social gathering.
Kavita Ajwani of Dashing Date had approached me several months ago and asked if I would consider attending an intimate networking event for dashing singles 40+.
Always one to try new adventures- I dashed (pun intended-couldn’t resist) to accept the invitation, welcoming the opportunity to meet new people. The guest list is comprised of dashing single- all who have registered and then were screened and selected by Kavita herself.
Tonight at 6pm I will arrive at Luca et Franco, a posh new restaurant that I have not yet been too, located on St-Denis. Tapas, cocktails and a great trendy atmosphere should be the perfect backdrop to meeting new people and enjoying a casual night out.
Okay...Gotta Dash and maybe date!
Will you be there?


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