#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Don't fit the bill, fit me!

I really do appreciate the good intention of people, inquiring what type of man I am hoping to meet. Their only desire is for me to be happy and see if they know someone they would want to introduce me to.
The most recent inquiry "what type of guy will fit your bill?"
Funny thing is- I am never able to describe who he is or what he looks like.
Looking back on the men that I have dated, I have come to realize two things- I don't have a specific TYPE and being a single woman, I strongly dislike BILLS!
What I am sure of- I know exactly who Cheryl is and how I like to live my life. The man that will eventually win my heart, will appreciate who I am and put up with and even embrace the characteristics that drive him crazy and I will do the same in return.
He wont fit a BILL.
He will just fit with life.
We will just FIT!

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