#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

The dating game

I have found myself being asked by suitors, how long it takes before I roll the dice and consider making seeing someone a priority in my life.
I am a betting woman, but I prefer to wait for when the odds are in my favor- before I place my bet.
Dating to me is like a high stakes poker game- with the pot being my life!
I imagine sitting down at the table of love- the croupier is cupid.
Date one= The cards are dealt and I evaluate whether to ante up or fold-based on the likelihood of making a pair. NO room for bluffing in this case!
Date two= I toss in a couple cards and draw 2 more hoping to improve the hand.
Date three= I am feeling confident as I am holding a full house- the cards have aligned.
Date four= the betting has started but there is still a lot to consider before I go all in.
We all take risks when we gamble on love, however I do have an unfair advantage- my grandfather taught me how count the cards!
How much are you willing to wager to try and hit the jackpot?

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