#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

365 Days to Find Love

It was said to me that after becoming single at MY “young” age – I should make finding my new love my business – so I’ve decided to take it literally and make it just that!

I’m considering devoting 365 days to embarking on a quest to find my future love.  

The first thought one might have when thinking of finding love is a partner to share a life with – but is it only that? They say that opposites attract, and in my mind that means the person who I love possesses character traits that I may not have or have not developed but yet desire.

Could this quest for love also be a quest for the definition of who we are, and an acceptance of ourselves? As a recently single woman, I am learning that independence and self-discovery is found one day at a time.

As to finding love, what works better?   Chance vs Strategy?  

Once upon a time we married the boy next door, or bumped into our future love on the street. Nowadays, we can fall in love with the boy from the next continent. There are Internet dating sites like Match.com, matchmaking companies of many different calibres, like Grey and Ferrar, singles mingles and speed dating parties… which one works?  Does my Mr. Right even use these?

How do I choose which path to follow – or do I sit back and wait for fate to take over?

As a computer challenged woman, (yes, I admit it!) I’m planning to write it as a blog: think Bridget Jones's Diary meets Eat Pray Love!!  

This quest will force me to conquer some of my personal fears, but I’m ready.
I laugh in the face of FEAR – gulp!  LOL

Let’s go – let’s see where I find love.

I’ll keep you posted!


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