#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

365 days of Dating after Divorce

February 14th of 2013 was my official re-entry into the world of dating and it was a shock to my system, especially after being married for 25 years. I had so many unanswered questions that made me feel somewhat anxious

Would I ever meet someone?  I was told over and over there were no men out there.   How would I get to meet someone?  None of my friends knew anyone to introduce me to. And another whopper "how will it feel to get naked in front of someone new?"

That's basically how 365daystofindlove.com came to life.
I had all these concerns and questions when I started my journey, yet no matter whom I asked their response was always the same, "Your concerns are valid. There are not many good men out there and the ones that do exist want younger women!" 

Now, after almost a full year of dating I can dispel all those false assumptions-questions and statements and guess what? The same goes in reverse for men – I have heard many men tell me they have a hard time meeting nice women!
So from a divorced woman who’s been newly out in the dating world over the past year – here are some tips for those who wish to try and meet someone:

  1. Make a personal list of hobbies and passions and get out and do them.
  2. Boundaries. Set them and stick to them.  Know how you wish to be treated in a relationship and make sure that you are treated that way.
  3. Take your time with intimacy. I have a 6-date rule - dates full of conversation and laughs – but remember rules can always be broken. 
  4. Go slow.  In the work place we hire slow and fire fast  - but when it comes to relationships we hire fast and fire slow.  Foundations should be built strongly and you only have one opportunity to start at the ground level.
  5. Introduce your children only when you think your relationship may have wings. 

The rest is up to you! 
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