#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

I thought I liked to flirt but now I LOVE it....or at least I love to eFlirt! 

For any of you that have thought about trying online dating but couldn't get past the first section with the required profile forms, Laurie Davis,  founder and CEO of eFlirtExpert, is here to help.
Since its creation in 2009, this one on one online consultant company helps people like you and me learn the tips and the tricks for dating in the high-tech world we live in.

Laurie and her certified eFlirters offer an array of personalized services. I only wish I had know about the one that creates a client's profile when I filled out my match.com questionnaire several months ago,  it would have saved me a few grey hairs!

I heard about eFlirt Experts though a friend living in New York and since then I find I'm learning more and more about the do's and don'ts' of cyber courtship. The eFlirt Experts teach lessons such as  how to flirt on Facebook and how to decode text messages from my dates,  which for me (the computer dummy) is a gift from g-d!

 Good thing I am a quick study!!

Are you interested in learning more about how to get through the cyber maze of online dating and fulfill your mission to find love? 

Contact Laurie at eFlirt.com and while you are at it ....order her book "Love @ first click." You won't be sorry.




Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's webisode on my connecting with Laurie Davis. 


Ladies and Gents - the countdown is now at 309 days left to find love and I’m still dancing solo.

For those of you don’t know, my alter ego lives in the persona of an event producer and I haven’t danced at one of my own parties since the launch of 365 days to find love.com 56 days ago! 

Don't let the knife scare you! 


For someone whose motto is “Dance Through Life”, that’s just unacceptable!

It’s time for another social gathering - let’s get out and celebrate!  This Monday night my girlfriend’s have organized a cocktail 5 a 7 at Pois Penche.  They’ve inspired me to be proactive.

Monday's 5 a 7 ladies all married - except moi! 


It’s Spring – time to celebrate!  I want to organize a get together somewhere fun to meet new people.

Any Fred and Ginger’s out there want to join me on the dance floor?  Let me know as soon as possible and let’s spread the word!

Put in your comments at the end of this blog and I’ll plan the party! 



Pinocchio goes online 
During a recent dinner party  a male friend who follows my journey to find love, told me the story of a date he set up with a woman he had met on match.com . She seemed to possess the  many attributes he admired in a woman, and she came all wrapped up in a cute petite package according to her online profile. 
After weeks of communication,  a meeting was finally  arranged.  Full of anticipation, he walked into the restaurant right on time,  scanning the area for the woman whose photo he had been looking at for weeks. Well, she was all that he had hoped for and more...according to Mr K ...100 lbs more. 
His reaction?
He walked straight up to her and said "you lied " with a pointed finger, turned around and walked right out the door.
I thought his reaction was a bit harsh, but I did get his point, and so did the other dinner guests.
When you go onto an online dating, site what's the point of  profiles? 
I thought we are supposed to fill out all the personal information truthfully, so that a potential suitor knows enough about who we are, what we like and how we look to be able to make a decision about whether he/she could be attracted to us in the first place and then after that arrange a  face to face meeting. 
What positive outcome could be had by misconstruing the truths about ourselves?
If the ultimate goal to going online is to meet and fall in love, and the basic elements of any good relationship are trust and respect, why start with a lie?
 It's all gonna come out in the end...no?
My advice...remember Pinocchio! All Ghipetto  ever wanted was a real boy! 
Once Pinocchio's lies stopped ......the two  lived happily ever after.
Have you had a similar experience? Tell me about it in love stories.
Coming soon to 365.....a company that can help you write your profile. Wish I had known about it in February.

Ladies and gents, my countdown to find love continues and still no prospects in sight, so I've decided to take the bull by the horns.

Inspired by the song from the movie Fiddler on the Roof"Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match....", I decided while I was in Toronto on business to call one of the largest matchmaking companies in North America and see if they could help me in my pursuit to find love.

I arranged for an early morning appointment.  When I arrived at the King street office of It's Just Lunch I have to admit I was feeling all jittery.  My heart was racing so fast and felt like it was going to jump out of my chest as I rang the doorbell. OMG...why was I so nervous?

The door opened and I was immediately welcomed by a warm staff member who made me feel right at home. I felt instantly better. After a conversation and a brief overview of their services I filled out my questionaire and asked the BIG question,  "Can you help me.?"

Then the music to my ears... "Let us worry about finding the right person for you to meet -  we'll set up the date, the time and the location -  as the client, all you have to do is show up for lunch!"

Easy as that? Well, I guess I will find out soon enough!

And so will you.....check out tomorrow's webisode and see how my interview went. In the meantime, if you're single,  click onto Its Just Lunch and find out more about their service and what it can do for you.



Have you ever been asked if you like to go "cruising”? If your answer has always been NO as you dislike the bar scene, welcome to my Club!

However, I might have found a way that makes cruising and meeting new people something that may be more up your alley.

Sheryl Weinberger of Bestsingletravel.com and I met recently in Boca Raton. I was interested in the idea of combining my thirst for travel and adventure with my quest to find love in the next 315 days... (The countdown continues)...Tick Tock goes the clock!!

Sheryl, formerly an agent for Bell South, "hung up" her position 7 years ago and started her company that now runs up to 30 trips a year that caters to singles (or as I prefer to say, independent individuals) of all ages, with the main focus on the 40plus crowd. Yes, people like me!

Best Singles Travel offers both city tours and cruise vacations. The trip we discussed during our meeting was the Spring Fling in April that will tour London, Paris and Amsterdam for the tulip festival. I am starting my penny collection now!

According to Sheryl, one point to keep in the back of your mind is that male singles prefer the cruise excursions as they are considered more of a party environment over the sightseeing tours, which seem to attract more female singles.

Either way, Best Single Travel tries to provide a safe and exciting way to explore a travel adventure with new people who are also seeking some form of companionship!

Bon voyage!




FYI: The average 7-10 day tour expense is approximately $2700US. (Excluding airfare)  daily continental breakfast, welcome and departure dinners.



"What was I thinking?" was all I thought when I pulled up to the Nikki Beach Club in South Beach, Florida.

I was meeting "Le Parisien" for our first date there.  He's the man I had met at the vernissage in Montreal not too long ago.

As I stepped out of my car, the first thing I saw was handsome men and beautiful women wearing micro mini-bikinis.

I walked in with my gentleman friend, my head going “honey, you’re not 25 anymore!" My dyslexic dating age once again became apparently obvious and there is no denying that things have changed with time.

But the truth is, I felt good about myself. I was completely comfortable with the differences between myself and the youthful beauty that surrounded me and I appreciated even more where I am at this stage of life.  I have the confidence that maturing brings and I know that real beauty shines from within.

My more experienced mind makes up for the collagen I have lost.  

Cover-up off, suntan lotion on and "Garçon, please bring on the mojitos!" as Nikki Beach makes them better than anyone. Let the party begin. 

I had a great bikini day and encourage everyone to go to the beach...anytime!  

We met a lot of fabulous people on Nikki Beach, including my new BFF's - "Les girls" Caitlin, Natalia  and Layssa, yes, 2 Brazilians!

Hey, if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Would you go to a beach party on a first date? A mature decision or just crazy?





I arrived in Miami for the long weekend, 365 days to find love style and upon arrival I headed straight to the Hertz counter to pick up my prepaid economy car. 

The next available agent waved me over and that's when I met Victor, my new super hero. I told Victor about my quest to find love in 365 days and asked if there was anyway he could help me get a convertible, something a bit racier than what I had reserved. I joked that I was never going to attract attention in a budget four-door on the streets of South Beach.

Victor worked his magic. A couple taps on the computer, one quick call and my prayers were answered. 

Check out my wheels, a brand new, shiny red convertible Corvette

It’s amazing what a warm smile and a friendly attitude can do. I even received a personal escort to the car, my bags were loaded and I was told when I returned to ask for Victor – that a car would be organized to take me to the terminal instead of having to make the long walk to the monorail.

Could this be love?  



PS:  Word on the street is that Mr. Parisian is in town...shhhh!


Everyone looks for love, no matter what their age.