#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

I have decided I want to take the plunge into serious "find a Partner" mode and I am ready to be proactive.

Enter "It's just Lunch".

Tomorrow you will be able to tune in and see the next “webisode” as I continue on in my search to find love in the next 293 days (tick-tock OMG) and ask the pros of IJL for help. At the same time I want to spread the love and next week will be introducing #365Love Get Connected. I am hosting my own party with the help of Le Pois Penché and its owner Imad Nabwani.

I ask you to "sign me up" as I did with "It's just lunch" and come meet new people and get connected. I along with 39 other local hopeful romantics have been invited to enjoy an "aphrodisiac" moment on the terrace of Le Pois Penché May14th, which happens to be the 3 month anniversay of 365Love. We will drink champagne and savor oysters from their raw bar, while enjoying the essence of their romantic French Bistro atmosphere that combined will transport us all to the streets of Paris, the city of LOVE.

See you there? "It's Just Drinks!"



There is nothing like a dream to create the future - Victor Hugo 


Sleep less to live more of your dreams - my quote on life. 

Do you live your dreams? 




When the experts talk I listen… Matt Hussey of GTG said get out and meet people! Another tip was to always try and sit at a bar in restaurants as, contrary to popular belief, shoulder to shoulder positioning is better for energy flow out onto the universe. As well when you go out two women it allows for you to interact with others and MEET NEW PEOPLE.

Last night proved the theory right as I ventured out to dinner at Restaurant Helena in the old port and took my seat at the bar with gal pal and media personality Chantal Desjardins, also single. 

The seafood dinner was sublime, the wine crisp and full bodied and the conversation amusing as we both shared dating philosophies. For those of you who are not aware Chantal is also spreading her wings into standup comedy and does a routine on singledom, hysterical!! Fast-forward to the get “connected” part of the dinner.... By the end of the night several single men I knew came over to say hello and were introduced to my friend. We talked and laughed with all the other dinner guests on either side of us. We had champagne sent to us and even our tab picked up by visiting businessmen. So gallant and unexpected! All this just from being open and friendly. No dates but what a great night!

The final act of chivalry came as my classic 61 caddy stalled and I needed a boost. Our knights in shining armor came out from the restaurant to our rescue. These 2 men kept us safe, dry (of course it started to rain) and warm in the car while they hailed a cab to charge the battery. How courteous! 

Thus another lesson from Matt....it's ok to let men rescue you. It makes them feel good and we don't have to always prove we can do it on our own. Even if we can! (I do have my own cables and charger... shhhh!)

Do you have a wingman you can go out with?



Well if the answer to that question is "NO" then it's time to "Get the Guy" and buy the book and maybe run not walk to his next seminar!

Maybe dance to the next seminar? 

Ladies, I enjoyed the most motivating, inspiring and entertaining afternoon this past Sunday. I shared 5 hours with 200 other women learning the hidden secrets of men from dating Guru Matt Hussey. This fabulously educational workshop seminar was part of his first North American book tour that took place at the Yorkdale Holiday Inn in Toronto.

We learned many things about the opposite sex and what makes them tick but more importantly stuff about ourselves as individuals and how we interact and communicate. I wish I could share everything with you but since I can't in just one blog I will share this question, response and advice.

QUESTION: How many men do you meet in a week?

RESPONSE: If your answer is one or none how long do you think it will take to meet The Guy?

ADVICE: Meet more men! Lots of men!

TO DO LIST: Meet new people everywhere you go and practice the art of communication.


  • In the coffee shop, talk to the person next to you in line about their coffee preference
  • Don't leave the gym until you talk to 3 new people. Maybe inquire how to use a machine?
  • Practice learning people's names as it makes them feel important!
  • Eat out more often by yourself - Sit at the counter or bar in a restaurant and maybe talk to the person next to you or the bartender.
  • Open dialogue to the man reading a book sitting next to you on the bus about the novel.
  • Ask the man next to you why he prefers his iPhone over your Samsung. Compare some notes. Guys love talking about their "toys"!

I guess you get the drift! So what are you going to do today to meet at least one new man?



Far and wide into cyberspace that is....

I recieved a tip from an online dating expert that said if you really want to send out the "singledom" message in another effective way besides a ".com" company... just press single on Facebook. Watch what happens!!

BONUS: Its free!



We have to spread our wings and leave our cozy nests as its the only way we can fly into Cupid. 

Happy Monday Everyone!



Get The Guy - Matthew Hussey

Taking off to Toronto today to meet the man who is trying to educate the women of the world on how to get the guy!

Meet Matthew Hussey the author of Get The Guy! A hands on guide to the way to attract and hang on to the man of our dreams. I have been thoroughly entertained all week with my book, while curled up on my couch with a glass of Cabernet and a box of chocolates.

It's the movie The Ugly Truth come to life and in another cute package other than Gerard Butler. Lucky me, I think I will even get a little one on one with the guru.

Will let you know what he tells me.... Check out the video segment tomorrow.



There are times when cancelling a date at the last minute due to extreme circumstance is acceptable.

Meet Philip Chiang and Michael Aronovici 

Well for this foodie, the extreme circumstance was the media launch for the grand opening of Montreals PF Chang's and knowing that the signature chicken lettuce wraps were on the menu.

Myself, Jason of "shut up and eat" along with 40 other bloggers and food critics, got to experience many specialties of the house while owner Philip Chiang regaled us on the origin, secret recipes and ingredients that combined make PF Chang's the place to dine when your palette craves Asian fusion.

As for the cancelled date...you never know who you may meet in life and where.

Did I mention that Mr. Chiang is an eligible bachelor?




I recently received a letter from a reader questioning the rules of dating etiquette.

He had reached out via Facebook to a woman he knew through a friend of a friend of a friend and asked her out on a date, only to be rejected because she knew of his ex-wife. Get the drift?

He was bothered by this because he feels everyone living in a small community knows everyone else, even if indirectly.  He’s not wrong, but what he doesn’t know is that there is a sisterhood.  One of the sisterhood’s unspoken codes is that women do not go out with other women’s ex’s.  

 It’s something not all women prescribe to and most men don't get.

I ask people on the 365 Days to Find Love survey if they would date a friend’s ex.  Here is how some readers responded.

The Question:  Under what circumstances would you say it is permissible to date a friend’s ex-spouse?

The Answers:  

None, I don’t take my friend’s leftovers.


If you couldn't help falling in love and she is ok with it.

Okay, as long they aren’t still too close

Not okay. Never okay.

Only if you kill him first.

Only if the friend is dead.

None. You can only if you're willing to give up the friendship.


My opinion is that if you, as a woman, have socialized with another woman, and you have common friends, have had one on one chats with a girlfriend, go out for dinner as girlfriends or have attended parties together, and that girl’s boyfriend or husband was an unknown entity, he should stay an unknown. 

That means he’s off limits.

Think long term. Imagine trying to integrate someone into a social setting that you and the ex are part of. Can you spell "uncomfortable" for all concerned?

There are plenty of male fish in the dating sea, and I personally don't want to get hooked on someone else’s line.

This is just my humble opinion. How do you feel about this topic?

Let me know in love story surveys.