#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

I have made a decision for myself as of yesterday.

For years I have always engaged the best people offering the top quality services for anything I needed. Whether I seek advice or services to be rendered in business, home repairs, fashion, health and beauty, etc., I always let the pros do their thing.

So why am I acting as my own matchmaker when there are experts like Susan Alper out there ready to do their job? I say as the song goes "matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!"

I don't like to waste time so I am meeting with Susan today at 3pm. Stay tuned next week on visions of love for the webisode and discover how our conversation went and what I can hope to expect from this international matchmaker.

Interested in getting her number too?



Two weeks ago at this same location where I am once again having my car washed I met Mr C. He was the unexpected delight I wrote about in planes, trains and automobiles.

Always open to the universe, we both decided there could be a nice connection and spent the last while exploring our two worlds possibly colliding.

Then the ultimate dilemma:

Do opposites attract?  Often

Does it work? Sometimes

Under what circumstances? Compromise and communication 

For instance, how does someone very public date a very private person?

The fact is that people can't change who they are and we have to accept all of the person we are in a relationship with. Better to be up front and respect the people we meet and see things and each other for what they are and not what we would like.

There is and never will be a Pinocchio in my toy box and its ok for someone to not want to take me out and play.

I am Cinderalla looking for my lost glass slipper (meaning discovering me myself and I) and Prince Charming will be a bonus. 

Nothing ventured nothing gained, except hopefully a new friend. 



No I am not referring to the butcher down the street or the local pick up joint that everyone refers to as the “MEAT” Market – I am talking about Meet Market Adventures who’s claim to fame is that they bring adventure to the single life.

Every month they post events city to city across North America that cater to any activity, hobby or passion thus meeting the needs of anyone who’s looking to connect with somebody in a casual group environment.

For me the decision was easy my love for live music made me want to participate in the 5 à 7 at Maison du Jazz on May 16th.

“Let the music play on”…

Check out the calendar in your area – what grabs your fancy?



I’ve found today
I’ve shut the door on Yesterday,
Its sorrows and mistakes;
I’ve locked within its gloomy walls
Past Failures and heartaches.
And now I throw the key away
To seek another room,
And furnish it with hope and smiles
And every springtime bloom.

No thought shall enter this abode
That has a hint of pain,
And worry, malice and distrust
Shall never therein reign.
I’ve shut the door on Yesterday
And thrown the key away—
The Future holds no doubt for me,
Since I have found Today.

However the transportation it’s reaching the final destination that is the most important.

Where do I want to end up sometime in the next 286 days?

The journey so far has been amazing as I learn more about human nature and myself in general. The paths I take keep changing as I discover new avenues for meeting people and getting connected.

Just getting up each day and announcing to myself "today I will make the acquaintance of at least one new person" and putting it out there has opened many new doors of opportunity.

Dinner with a friend at Restaurant Helena in Montreal gave me the opportunity to meet "Mr. Mobile" that had just landed from Chicago. Dating coaches advise "sit at the counter and talk to the person next to you " CHECK! Mission accomplished! Mr. Mobile as luck would have it was not only a charming dinner conversationalist but also came to the rescue when my car broke down and he arranged to have it boosted... gotta love these old classics! (I am referring to the car not the man!) 

On a recent train ride to TO I had the good fortune to meet this lovely gentle soul with a captivating smile, who asked for my card to "check out the site"? 20 minutes after disembarking The Artist sent a text invitation to dinner.

Mr. Car wash was the final unexpected pleasure. While my car was "parked" (getting scrubbed) I was being "cruised", and subsequently invited for a coffee. This was a first! As I was handed the keys to my clean automobile I handed Mr. C my business card, told him to check out my site and send me a message if he was still interested.

Not all encounters lead to a date but expanding our social network is always a good thing, as you never know who you will meet through whom or where the next stage will take you.

As for planes trains and automobiles... things seem to be speeding up!

Maybe its time to jump on board the LOVE BOAT?

Share your recent connection with me.



I found out this week about a website called howaboutwe.com and as usual, when I hear of a new way to get out and get connected I just had to check it out. I took a look at it and fell in love with the concept immediately.

For those of you who don't know about it, here is the skinny on this fab site and it's as easy as ABCDate! I was asked to provide my name, age, where I live and my status. Thank goodness, this was an easy registration and didn't test my computer savvy skills.

Once that is done I was immediately taken to a separate page where I have one box to fill in front of me. The box says "How about we?" and then a blank spot where it asks me to fill in my perfect date suggestion.

Tricky part of the whole thing is that I have to put that into ONE sentence!

Mine reads "How about we go for a tango class together at this new dance school Just Dance?" Now, I just sit back and wait for a response from a person who would like to join me on the dance floor.

Simple.....what would you like to invite someone to?



365 Love is not only about finding your love partner but also at the same time discovering the love you have for yourself – no matter what stage you are at in life. 

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself. - Alan Alda

Today I find myself rediscovering my past life while I walked into the doors of the Ritz Carlton Montreal. I will be walking down the runway, which I haven’t done in years… self-love is just as great.

Share some of your stories about finding yourself. 



OMG...imagine this...

As you all know I am presently on a couple of online dating site and have adopted a mode of operation due to writing this blog that I do not deviate from. I decided out of respect, to not enter into conversation with any man who contacts me until they log onto this site and get an idea of what I am about. Honest and open from the start is the best rule of thumb.

The nature of this website may cause some reservation with certain individuals, causing them to retreat which has to that be their option from the get go. Otherwise , I am no different from the woman who lies about her age, marital status or appearance.

No Pinocchio here! 

Imagine the following scenario... after asking a man on match.com to check out my sight I get a response with a long verbose letter of appreciation and anticipation. Sounds great right? You would think wow... man of action, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Confident, secure and seemingly attentive as he responded promptly... right? Wrong!!!

His response started as follows: Dear Rachel, - What's wrong with this picture? Back to cyberspace he went! 

Share your Cyberspace horror stories with me.