#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

As I end the first chapter of 365 days to find love and head into the second quarter of my journey I decided to celebrate with a special night at Pois Penché.

To mark the occasion I decided to celebrate with 42 men and women who came to share my adventure and “Get Connected”.

The first two gentlemen arrived and I had a little butterfly of excitement and imagined what the bachelorette on TV felt like each season as the limos pull up.

The third person to arrive was yet another dashing gentleman and all I could think of was, "who said there are no eligible single men in this city?"

To help people socialize I had prepared a mingle card and asked that each of the four questions on it be answered by a different guest.

Champagne, oysters and the romantic setting proved to be the perfect ambiance for everyone to enjoy a wonderful night and the fun didn't end there.

Much to my pleasure a large group of people that came in as strangers left as friends to continue the night at another near by restaurant.

Before each person left I presented him or her with a rose thanking him or her for coming but asked that they consider writing a note and give it to someone. Pay it forward!

I know for a fact that there were several exchanges where "the giver" had the desire and intent to see "the recipient" again socially while a few others seemed to connect on a business level. Either way the soirée was about meeting new people and that was magically accomplished.

As for me, I don't kiss and tell but let's just say I too received a rose from guest number three. It was very much appreciated and is sitting here in front of me on my desk as I write.

Do you think next time you would like to join the group?

Get connected and join #365LOVE.



Martha Stewart has for years taught us all how to create the perfect home and lifestyle. As a newly single woman I think her profile on match.com is a clear example on a picture perfect profile. 

I think i'll go back to the drawing board or in this case my keyboard and refresh my look!

What do you think of Martha's new journey into online dating?



I am anxiously awaiting for those 6pm church bells to ring today as the chime will coincide with the launch of 365daystofindlove.com first get out and get connected soirée.

The journey for us all starts with stepping out and meeting new people with no stress other than do you drink red, white or in this particular case champagne? 

Le Pois Penché on De Maisonneuve in Montreal, is the gracious host for the event, offering members a special champagne and oyster cocktail to be enjoyed at this hot spot French bistro.

Tonight we are transported to the streets of Paris.

What could be more romantic?

A bien tôt!



In my books the unexpected are always the best delights in life and the events of this past week proved to be no exception.

May 14th was the opening night of Yellow Week in Montreal with a festival of delightful events created by none other than the magnificent Mabel Palomino of Manina Productions. The inspiration was of course the streets of France and the sparkling elixir to the gods of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

I was anxious to get to the venue. The opening fashion show was being held in the magnificent architectural beauty that is home to Birks Jewelry Store where I raised my first glass of bubbly.

Rolling along, minding my own business, a gentleman I had met the week before at a party commented on my car, asked where I was off to and if I needed a date?

Pourquoi pas?

Love the spontaneity of life and what the element of surprise can bring to our lives.

The interesting part of my impromptu date was he proved to be another social butterfly. Seems Mr. Charisma rivals my abilities to flutter around a room and mingle.

Perfect night of getting connected #365love style.

It's all about leaving safety of our cocoon. Right?

Have you met anyone this week unexpectedly?

Tell me about it I love stories.



 Strutting for a cause

I never enter a gossip fest with people as find it hurtful with no purpose. It is always at someone else's expense and why would anyone do that in life unless they need to put others down to feel better.

I find it interesting that after 3 months of blogging there is still speculation about whether I am a gossip or an exhibitionist.

I’m neither. I’m just a woman who wants to share some knowledge about the issues that I myself and many face are dealing with when trying to connect with others. One only has to read the blogs and watch the videos to understand my motivation.

This is my own story - but I ‘ve found that it's something each and every unattached person I meet can relate to, no matter what their age.

The intention of 365 daystofindlove is to discover and share all the different avenues available to us to expand our social circles and eventually find what we’re looking for. I’m sharing my journey with the hope we are on this adventure together. I’ve been asked what will happen to the blog if I meet the right man. Will I blog about him? The answer is simple...like in all couples; it will have to be a decision made together.

Good relationships are built on a foundation of respect, communication and compromise.

If I ever do meet someone – you will know.

In a world where everything is moving at lightning speed and nothing seems to be private it's no wonder that everyone seems to feel disconnected at times.

While filming a recent episode for laxtomtl.com I had the pleasure of meeting a young single woman named Kazzie and we had a great heart to heart about her ideas on life and love.

It seems there is no age gap when it comes to the affairs of the heart and how people are adapting to the push and pulls of technology and social media.

For that matter do those two components even belong in the hemisphere of romance and the human connection?

One male reader sent me the following Article. Would love you to read it and tell me your viewpoints on the subject.

As for Kazzie, her story continues later this week on Part two of “Connecting through the ages” seen on Visions of love.



I have had the chance ever since February 14th, which was the first day of the 365daytofiindlove countdown, to meet and share stories with all kinds of different people.

It doesn't seem to matter what city or social economic demographic an individual is from, there seems to be one common link that prevails... everyone is searching for answers on many different levels.

The world around me has been changing at a feverish pace and when I think back to my "dyslexic dating age" I wonder how we lost the basic fundamentals of communication between lovers.

The sad part for me as a mother is that I at least have a memory, albeit vague (lol) of how it should be and miss those days.

It is not the same for the 25 year olds of today that may never experience the old fashioned, boy meets girl, boy calls girls, girl calls boy and say I love you for the first time instead of " I heart U" in a text.

Visions of love this week shows one young woman's desire to conquer her fears and win the fight over technological advancement as we all as how the speed of life has changed the way we connect with others.

Do you feel the same disconnect in your relationships?