#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social
To me what I crave about summer is the wind in my hair, sun on my face, sand beneath my feet and heat deeply penetrating my soul 
In the words of Olivia Newton John   "Summer luvin' had me some fun."
Fun is what we create.
Love is what we experience. 
In a relationship one can always think of the Ying and the Yang. Picture it now black and white putting up their dukes ready to battle each other and both wanting to win the match. 
Truth is if the ying in the white shorts and yang in the black shorts both agreed on wearing grey the two would be able to take off the gloves and shake hands without a ref. 
Recently I had a friend of mine ask me for help regarding a problem she was having with a man. I suggested to practice both techniques which are avoiding the fight and/or finding a way to get over it in a civilized manner. I realized that I was heading in the right direction with my advice.
Stay tuned later in the day to hear what I sent her from a friend and great author Matthew Hussey

Seems to me that the “fork” has won the relationship jackpot; all of the benefits of a relationship with none of the disadvantages (insert loud male cheer here). Don’t get me wrong, we men love a good, healthy relationship, but clearly if all we are getting are calls for beverages and booty, the “healthy” tag has gone out the window.

What it boils down is that the fork is serving a need for a woman, which for the purpose of this conversation; we will call a “butter knife”. The “butter knife” is easy going, and goes well with almost any dish, as does a fork. The meal, or in this case; life, is simple, both are out to do what they need to in order to be happy, both are able to co-exist without any problems, that is until the main dish is over.

Enter the “dessert fork”.

Unlike its “butter knife” counterpart; it is high maintenance and on the hunt for the perfect partner, i.e. the “spoon”. What the “dessert fork” fails to realize is that both it and the “spoon” are completely capable of achieving the same thing, but are unable to do it at the same time; have you ever heard of someone eating their dessert with both a fork AND a spoon? Enough said…

The moral of the story? Find a spork.

Rebuttal by Justin Sabini. 


One never knows in life, where or when you will meet a person who can make your heart sing.
Do we let the music play on and appreciate the concerto?
Or do we stop composing after do, re, mi?

Wondering how you weigh in on this subject?




After a bottle of my favorite sancerre, my sidekick and I got to talking about life and love. The product of this conversation was a metaphor that involved our spoons and forks. Introducing #365love's first outsourced blog. Who better to give it to then my partner in crime, Costadina MG.

Guess the title says it all? A recent brunch with the lovely Cheryl Besner got us talking about the men in our lives and the categories they fall under.

We all have that man in our lives that we know isn’t “the one”. The only reason we still hang on to him is for those morning phone calls, random text messages throughout the day that make you feel good and a sure dinner date whenever needed. 

Ladies this is the man we fork… We keep him around for the sake of the security we feel in knowing he’s always there. This goes for all types of women. For the on the go businesswoman, the man we fork simplifies her day-to-day life. For the regular nine to five woman he’s our go to looks good in a tux kind of man. And for the free spirited woman he’s the perfect late night booty call.

It’s all fun and dandy having the man we fork around at all times, however there comes a time in every woman’s life where she finds her spoon.

Being an ex hopeless romantic I am not talking about your prince charming. Some say he exists, I myself believe as did Cinderella that once the shoe is dropped there’s no turning back.

The man we spoon isn’t hard to recognize. He’s the one that walks into a room and from that moment you can’t help but smile. He’s the guy who might not look so good in a tux but will keep you dancing the whole night through. And for all the women who hate to admit it, after a long intimate night, he’s the one you want to “spoon”.

The hard part about the men you fork and the men you spoon is figuring out when it’s time to put the fork down and enjoy your final bite with your spoon.  



Costadina MG

Happy birthday to me!

Another birthday is here and I find myself reflecting on where I am and why.

I have as I said, no regrets about my adult life.

I have had many successful business endeavours, I was married for 25 years, I have 3 children that are the stars in my universe and who keep my sky bright. I am also fortunate to have a wonderful family which includes my many "sisters from other misters".

What more could a woman ask for?

Well truth is, I am in search of the answer to that very question- which was the catalyst to this #365love journey!

Here on day 138 of my year long quest, I believe that I may be closer to the answer.

I think #365love is more about re-establishing myself as an individual and woman than about finding a partner, even though it is how this all began. I have met so  many fabulous men and women, social and business connections, since the launch on February 14th.

I had no inclination that my adventure would lead me down a road to something so stimulating- but the world of dating is truly fascinating to me on every level. Emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and creatively. I believe everything from my past has lead me to this point, even though I am not sure where that is exactly, but I still have 227 more days to go! My hope is we all keep learning from each other along the way.

Light those candles.

I'm gonna have my cake and eat it too! (Fire extinguisher please?)






You know the traditional meaning- but I have a new twist on this acronym

OMG:  Off My Guy! (Okay, we don't really own anyone- but you will catch my drift in a second)

I wrote a blog not too long ago called "sister tribe". The sole purpose was to enlighten a male #365love member why some women won't date ex-husbands or boyfriends of others that live within their social community. Or maybe not!

Found out we dated the same guy- I was out fast!

I have come to realize, through my own experience and those of other #365love members' stories, not all ladies subscribe to the club. I guess with all the talk of there being 4 women for every man, some individuals feel as though every man is fair game.

OMG: Omitting Morals Girlfirend?

I thought that with age comes knowledge.

I believe there are unwritten rules regarding dating decorum and mine are as follows:

10 commandments:

Thou shall not flirt with other women's dates
Thou shall not secretly text other women's men
Thou shall not date a friends ex-husband/boyfriend
Thou shall not fix up a friend's ex with another woman
Thou shall not be having coffee, lunch or dinner with a friends new beau
Thou shall confirm with friend if there is interest in a man before dating him herself
Thou shall cherish friendship over a "potential" male relationship, or there is no friend
Thou shall respect the confidentiality of girl talk
Thou shall never use "it just happened!" as an excuse for seducing a friend's date

Number 10:

Thou should know better than to not honour 1-9- or they are not part of the sister tribe and they are certainly not a friend!

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Do you have any commandments you want to add?

Fill out a 365 love survey and weigh in on this topic.

So far, the "off my guy" vote is unanimous.

Will post comments from other members next week. Stay tuned!





Someone recently told me that men fall in love with their eyes, while women fall in love with their ears.

I am going to assume that since the comment was delivered from a man, he had the inside scoop on the male psyche. Who am I to argue?

So what about women, are we attracted by what we hear?

I am going to say yes!

I surveyed some women and asked them what type of man they find super sexy- and often the fantasy person is either Italian, French or Australian (in that order).

Why you ask?

Simply put,the accent! Have a man whisper sweet nothing's in your ear using broken english, not so sexy. Have a much simpler phrase uttered by an Italian man and women swoon. Confession, that includes me!


With the Italian chef on his bike in Tuscany- swoon!


Well ladies (and gents)- I met Dale Ballard of DatingMashup.com, and he has the solution to meeting the person who "sounds" like the perfect match for you.

Mashup website's mission is to introduce people searching for an individual, first and foremost based on their accents.

Sound interesting?

I already bought a copy of Vittoria Bowles Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian and find myself practicing at night with a glass or two (shhh!) of Fontalpino Chianti-Classico 2010. As Mathew Hussey, author of Get the Guy suggested, I might as well be proactive and get prepared...lol


So if an accent is music to your ears, check out DatingMashup.com and start singing a duet.





Thank you Lynn Kreaden for this amazing quote!