#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social
My favourite feel good movie of all time is Pretty Woman. That finale- where Richard Gere (Mr. Dreamy) rides up in the limo- flowers  in hand- coming to rescue their single hearts. 
Well, for all of you who want to be leading men- I have a tip for you!
If you want star billing right from the start- do some film editing. Cut and paste that final scene of the film and make it your opening number.
Show up with a dozen white roses.
As in the movie Jerry MaGuire "You had me at HELLO".
"Welcome to Broadway!"
Do you think it only happens in the movies? 
Write to me and tell me the most romantic gesture you ever made or received on opening night.
I invite all of you to join me in sharing our stories with each other. Please fill out this survey and maybe you will be next week’s Talk To Me Tuesdays featured love story! Share your thoughts at Love Quest Survey.
Meet Rachelle from Ottawa!
She is a 50-59 year old woman and these are her love quest answers.
1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
2. Would you/have you ever used an online dating site?
3. Would you/have you ever used a matchmaking service?
4. Do you kiss and tell?
5. Do you believe in soulmates, i.e. that there is only one person out there for you?
1. What’s the worst opening line that’s ever been thrown your way?
"Rachelle, it appears to me you have quite the nice "rack"....omg first online date to boot
2. If you had to plan your perfect date, what would you do?
I would take a walk by water on a warm summers day and hopefully if things went well have a bite to eat with a glass of wine overlooking the water
3. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?
I was meeting a date at a boathouse on Dows Lake (Ottawa). He said he would meet me in front of the boathouse at 6pm. I arrived promptly at 6pm and there he was handsome as could be. I proceeded to walk down the staircase and my heel got stuck in a crack just as I reached the bottom. I took a flip, and I mean a flip and yes I was wearing a dress...nothing less romantic than having a drink with an icepack on my knee.
4. Under what circumstances would you say it is permissible to date a friend’s ex-spouse (if any)?
Never, omg never.....that is just so smothered in wrong sauce.
5. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else?
I had not seen him in 3 weeks as he was abroad for business....so I picked him up at the airport.....He came down the escalator not knowing that all I was wearing with my leather coat and heels was a smile. Nothing underneath.
Can't wait to hear your answers!


A simple dinner recently at a friends house, once again proves you never know when opportunity will come knocking.
Call it Karma- or in this case Karms.
Karms "Kandy for your arms" is the new must have fashion accessory for every woman. We now can own arm candy instead of being it! lol
Over cocktails- the creator/owner of these sensational sassy sleeves, gave me the skinny on her eminent launching of these beauties and right away my wheels started turning!
While all I could think about was that I may have the perfect connection in New York with a PR firm for these arm jewels- they were simultaneously thinking "we have the perfect man for you."
When you least expect it!
I’m off to New York- armed with my collection of Karms to show my PR friends and a date at 2pm.
Gotta LOVE Karma- or should I say Karms?
I don’t know about any of you, but I think for many involved in long term relationships- dirty talk is reduced to phrases like:
"Sam, the baby needs changing"
"Honey, please take out the garbage"
"Baby, it’s your turn to give the kids their bath"
"Sweetheart, are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?"
If you are really lucky you may get turned on with:
"Do you want to fool around tonight?"
Well after many years in a relationship, you may want to brush up on some of that sexy pillow talk and spice up your sex life.
His guide has over a hundred dirty talk phrases you can use to drive your partner wild. 
Plus he teaches us how (or at least tries) to feel comfortable talking dirty, http://bit.ly/dWUtgX
My suggestion: Have a couple vodka shots before you light the candles.
Muhammad Ali
"If your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it, then you can achieve it." - Muhammad Ali  
I don't need any convincing that I will find love and he will find me!
Until now I have not tried speed dating- yet have met many who have and found it a lot of fun and very "efficient". Must admit that adjective is not synonymous with romance in my books but hey- no judgment here.
Women like Kavita Ajwani from Dashing Date are helping those dashing singles who just don't have the time to go out and look for their significant other. Sounds perfect for a woman as dashing as myself!
For a woman like myself who likes to accomplish a lot each day and connect with as many people as possible, it seems like it could fit my lifestyle. Ideal dating scenario for a self- proclaimed Eveready bunny/social butterfly.
Not to mention, as luck would have it- LivingSocial Deals just sent me an offer that this poor single girl couldn't refuse. An opportunity to date at a discount
Between Dashing Date and LivingSocial, how could I resist the opportunity to try speed dating?
Only 6 days left on the LivingSocial Deal- so to all you Montreal singles out there I say…
See you at one of my tables?
A new spin on this classic phrase "it’s in the pudding"- because what we put out into the world is what we will receive.
Since the launch of my 365 days to find love adventure- I have written many blogs about how I go out into the world each day, open to meeting new people. When I want to be social I am. It’s as simple as stepping out, having the right attitude and going where the people are.
Last week in Miami I subconsciously found myself testing the validity of my belief.
During this self-imposed solitary confinement, every time I ventured out I did exactly the opposite of my norm. Yes, I dressed- primped and primed myself same as always, but my body language and expression was different.
I hardly made eye contact with people, walked with a more purposed gate and always positioned myself on the outside of the social circle of any public space- arms crossed as if saying "I dare you!"
It worked! I met no one!
Well almost....
My soul interaction was with people working in the various stores, restaurants, gyms and spa areas that I frequented. Connecting was easy and automatic. It was me being me- putting it out there, welcoming the interaction and removing the do not disturb expression. In some cases I realized if I didn’t- I could starve! (Lol)
My natural instinct for appreciating human contact took over in these situations and I became instant friends with those individuals. I loved hearing all their stories- where they were from, family history and passions in life.  
My immediate change in attitude and body language was as if I hung a sign
and that they were!!
A big thank you to all the wonderful people I met at One Bal Harbour and The St Regis Hotel and for making my solo vacation so enjoyable.
See you all soon... IT’S A DATE!
We have all heard the phrases men are from Mars- women are from Venus. While doing some reading recently, I realized we could learn a lot about relationships from our solar system.
Imagine that you and the person you are presently dating are two planets orbiting the sun. There are three basic laws of nature that need to exist between you or collision is inevitable.
Firstly, you have to be revolving in the same direction- ultimate goals of how you want to live your life and where you want the relationship to end up.
The second is altitude. It stands to reason that if we are not flying at the same level, someone ends up in the shadow of the other. Distance will also makes for difficult communication. I think this is also important when it comes to moral and spiritual beliefs. One is not right or wrong- but these differences can make you universes apart.
The third is speed. The pace of which one lives their life can make or break a relationship, faster than the speed of light. If you are a mover and groover like myself- being with someone that can or wants to keep the pace is ideal. No one wants to drag or be dragged through someone else’s world.
Sometimes two people are just like the sun and the moon- sharing the same sky but never out together, or at least not for long.
Have you had a relationship where you were light years apart and tried to fight the cosmic forces?
I did and eventually had to let gravity pull me back down to earth.
Tell me about it in share your story.
My table- front and center 
Today is day four of my self imposed solitary confinement and as each moment ticks on, I am appreciating my alone time more and more.
I am completely cut off from the world yet ...in Miami? That's an oxymoron!
The fabulous apartment where I am staying is challenging for this tech dummy. I am petrified to press something that could potentially give me a free hair perm or burn the place down. TV use is relegated to the gym and Internet at the adjacent hotel lobby. I can live with that!
Tonight I will venture out, re-emerging into the social world. Dating coaches and international matchmakers like Susan Alper and Mathew Hussey both suggested I go where the kind of man I hope to meet would hang his hat.
Thus, in keeping with their advice...The St Regis Miami is calling my name. I can’t wait to put on a pretty dress and my new shoes- just like Cinderella- except I don't plan on losing one of these beauties.
This cinderella traded glass for stainless steel
Dominic, one of the St Regis Hotel managers, who I met earlier, reserved a table by the window of J&G Grill for me. His desire was that I enjoy the sunset while feasting on one of Jean-George Vongerichten’s creations-prepared by Executive Chef Brad Kilgore.
Gotta run now! My chariot awaits- in this case, it’s a black Suburban courtesy car!


I hope my GPS is working because I don't have a route mapped out of how to get to my tomorrow. I'm moving forward on instinct.