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What's A Guy to Do?

Have you ever wondered why after what you considered to be a successful first date, the lady did not agree to go out with you again?
Other than the obvious lack of chemistry, which is the usual first assumption, could there be another reason? I believe most people are looking for a deeper connection and don't dismiss people just because there is no initial fire.
What was the reason then? What do women want and did you bring it to the "table"? Literally!
As a woman, who has had to find NICE ways to say no to a second date, I thought I would share with you some of my NO GO dating pet peeves.
Thanks for the cocktail, but I have to leave now.
Let's examine the situation honestly in this little Q and A:
Did you communicate well leading up to date?
Little notes or a call, saying you were looking forward to your time together.
Were you late for the date?
Being on time is important as it conveys priority and intent. Respect- If late, please call and not at the last minute.
What was your appearance?
Showing up disheveled sends bad message. Dressed to impress means "I cared about meeting you and take pride in myself".
Manners say a lot about a person!
Did you eat like a gentleman or talk with your mouth full?
Where was your confidence level registering on the Richter scale?  
Did you fidget and show a multitude insecurities?
Eye contact is huge!
Shows trust and honesty.
Also searching the room and ogling other women is a big no no.
Where you interested in your date or totally self-absorbed in conversation? Lets talk all about me.
Always best to keep sexual banter to a minimum.
Could you have been too playful?
Compliments go a long wa,but please make it sincere if you are thinking of a second night!
The biggest no no of all- Remember your date’s name!
I was out once where the gentleman called me by the name of the woman he was out with the night before. At least he was honest- a serial dater but honest.
In any event- don't give up, Ms. Right for you is out there and just waiting to be swept up by your charm.
Don't we all have to be more aware of what we are putting out there for all to see?
How did your last date go?
Tell me about it in love stories.

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