#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Waiting for Mr. Right

Over lunch today, a future business associate asked me a question, "are you considered an expert in dating, even though you haven't found love yet?"
Not half hour later, another woman following my journey asked a similar question. In this case, it was more of a comparison of our dating habits and lifestyles, "if you can't meet someone, how is anyone else going to?"
Simple retort.
First, I do not consider myself an expert! I am more experienced compared to some singles, due to the "research and development department" I created for myself. To feel comfortable about my foray into singledom, I had to understand more about human nature and learn the finesse and etiquette of dating.
Second, I have met many men over the last 275 days and have socialized under a variety of different circumstance. Therefore, the opportunities for a relationship have been numerous.
I think it is important for people to understand that the reason I am still solo, is not because there are no good men out there to meet. That's a fallacy. There are as many fabulous gentlemen looking for a partner to share life with, as there are amazing women.
Waiting alone for Mr. Right to make his entrance
The issue is that I, like you, will not "settle". I do however, hope to "settle down" and will do so, when my Mr. Right enters my world. Notice I didn't say Mr. Perfect, as then I would be waiting forever!
So, if you've found yourself pondering "if Cheryl can't connect with someone after all that dating, how will I?" Remember this- I have met several Prince Charmings. They just were not mine! In some instances, I introduced them to friends or acquaintances, which were better suited for them and I adored playing Cupid.
I know the person I will share my future with is out there and I will continue to work and do the things I love and he will find me. I have no worries about that and neither should you!

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