#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social


You know the traditional meaning- but I have a new twist on this acronym

OMG:  Off My Guy! (Okay, we don't really own anyone- but you will catch my drift in a second)

I wrote a blog not too long ago called "sister tribe". The sole purpose was to enlighten a male #365love member why some women won't date ex-husbands or boyfriends of others that live within their social community. Or maybe not!

Found out we dated the same guy- I was out fast!

I have come to realize, through my own experience and those of other #365love members' stories, not all ladies subscribe to the club. I guess with all the talk of there being 4 women for every man, some individuals feel as though every man is fair game.

OMG: Omitting Morals Girlfirend?

I thought that with age comes knowledge.

I believe there are unwritten rules regarding dating decorum and mine are as follows:

10 commandments:

Thou shall not flirt with other women's dates
Thou shall not secretly text other women's men
Thou shall not date a friends ex-husband/boyfriend
Thou shall not fix up a friend's ex with another woman
Thou shall not be having coffee, lunch or dinner with a friends new beau
Thou shall confirm with friend if there is interest in a man before dating him herself
Thou shall cherish friendship over a "potential" male relationship, or there is no friend
Thou shall respect the confidentiality of girl talk
Thou shall never use "it just happened!" as an excuse for seducing a friend's date

Number 10:

Thou should know better than to not honour 1-9- or they are not part of the sister tribe and they are certainly not a friend!

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Do you have any commandments you want to add?

Fill out a 365 love survey and weigh in on this topic.

So far, the "off my guy" vote is unanimous.

Will post comments from other members next week. Stay tuned!





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