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Meet Danièle Parent

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with TV matchmaker, author, and public speaker, Danièle Parent, who is an expert on the etiquette of seduction. Here’s what she had to say about dating.


1.  The best scenario for a first date is a short moment.  I have put up a rule 45/24… your first date should last 45 minutes.  Whether you like him or not it is enough time.  Too many people lose too much time and money.  I suggest that you set this rule before you meet.

2.  Trust your feelings, your intuition when you meet someone for the first time, listen to what your heart has to say.  Try not to be impressed by details, look for your needs instead of your desires.  I am convinced that people who chose a partner who fulfills her needs are much happier.

3.  The etiquette following a first date is 24 hours… before you leave one another it is understood that you will hear from him or her within 24 hours whether it is positive or not. 

4.  The dress code on a first date depends on what you want him to think of you.  I suggest you keep a bit of mystery and have him wonder what you are wearing underneath.  It is not a good idea to show it all on a first date.

5.  I suggest you speak on the phone before a first date, not too long and listen properly.  If he is passionate about something make sure you make a few researches before you meet him and elaborate on the subject.  Remember that humor is a winner for men and women, if you make him laugh he won’t forget you.

I was brought up to think that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Now I know that laughter might be the modern way to tempt his palate.

Why don’t you write to 365 Days to Find Love and tell us your opinion on Danièle’s advice?

Want to get in touch with Danièle? You can find her online at: m.y.daniele.parent@gmail.com





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