#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Love Enabler

I have had the chance ever since February 14th, which was the first day of the 365daytofiindlove countdown, to meet and share stories with all kinds of different people.

It doesn't seem to matter what city or social economic demographic an individual is from, there seems to be one common link that prevails... everyone is searching for answers on many different levels.

The world around me has been changing at a feverish pace and when I think back to my "dyslexic dating age" I wonder how we lost the basic fundamentals of communication between lovers.

The sad part for me as a mother is that I at least have a memory, albeit vague (lol) of how it should be and miss those days.

It is not the same for the 25 year olds of today that may never experience the old fashioned, boy meets girl, boy calls girls, girl calls boy and say I love you for the first time instead of " I heart U" in a text.

Visions of love this week shows one young woman's desire to conquer her fears and win the fight over technological advancement as we all as how the speed of life has changed the way we connect with others.

Do you feel the same disconnect in your relationships?



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