#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Love and the Oracle?

We have all heard the term third wheel and possibly even felt like one at least once in our life- but after you read this story you will be amazed.
A member of 365 Get Connected told me her datenight story during one of our recent discussions. If I hadn't heard it with my own ears- I wouldn’t have believed it.
Few weeks ago, I was invited for a 3rd sushi date with a perfect potential boyfriend, that most women would be attracted to: tall, good looking, well mannered, well traveled, well educated, different interests, an MBA, VP for a large international organization, flowers on dates, cooks, good sense of style, successful etc......
As we were having supper, he said a friend of his was passing by, which didn't bother me, as I am a very social person :). However, to my surprise- it was a woman who he introduced to me as his ORACLE! I was kind of shocked, even more when he told me that she is a shaman, who is there to read my energy and to tell him if we are compatible or not- LOL! I don't have to tell you that she looked like a weird creep. So after the date, I sent him a text message that we should be friends etc.,- to which he replied with a 15 page text of how weird I AM and he changed his mind on dating me and he wants to date my best friend now. On top of that- he took his Christmas gift to me back!
Well to make it short, "NOT ALL IS GOLD WHAT SHINES".
To all you daters out there, remember one thing- three’s a crowd on a date at the best of times. But a "shaman" to evaluate the other person is just "shame on" you.


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