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He's back!

After meeting someone for the first time and hitting it off, there is always the dreaded number exchange. If you're like most women, you're always worried that he won't call. Well ladies, Matthew Hussey has the secret to making sure he calls you back!

Give him something to look forward to!
When you give a guy your number, ideally you want him to be checking every last digit because he can't wait to call thatamazing girl he met last night. So how do you make him look forward to calling? 

The most important part of getting a guy to call you is to make your conversation beforehand as intriguing and fun as possible. I actually run you through scenarios of each point in the Man Myth video which you can check out here: 

1. Offer him an intriguing date
In a nutshell, you want to avoid the boring clichés of numberexchanges. Don't offer him your number saying something like "we should go for drinks sometime". It's obvious and it does nothing to build his intrigue in you as a person. 

What you ideally want to do is make sure you talk about something you're passionate about doing early in the conversation. Or if you haven't been to the zoo in ages and really fancy it, mention that as well. Then when it comes to exchanging numbers it's as easy as saying: "Ok, give me a call and we'll do that zoo trip".

2. Make him want to earn your time!
Next time you're out and want to exchange numbers with a guy, try out this line: "Look my friends are going to kill me, we're supposed to be on a girly night tonight, I shouldn't even be talking to you right now". 
Any time you use a line like this that, it says "We shouldn't be doing this", it builds his intrigue and makes him want to be involved even more. He'll want to call you to earn more of your time. 
3. Here's a great game you can play
Set silly rules for when he calls you. 
Just before you give him your number, you can playfully say: "Ok, you should know though that I have a couple of simple rules for giving out my number to new guys. You can't call me at midnight drunk telling me you can't wait to see me, or text me asking for pictures. If that's cool with you then I'm happy to give it out, but I'm warning you!"
Say this with a silly grin on your face and he'll see that you'reteasing him. You might think this line comes off as arrogant, but it doesn't if you say it with the right tone and facial expression. Guys like that you don't take the number exchange really seriously and he'll look forward to calling you more. 
4. Create a running joke
If you create a running joke it gives a guy an easy way to initiate conversation on the phone. 

One great way of doing this is role-playing: For example, you might say early in conversation say to a guy "Me and my friends were talking earlier about what superpower we would have. Mine's invisibility obviously; what would you go for?"
Once he tells you, you can joke with him about how both of you would use your powers. 
That way, when you swap numbers you can say: "Ok superman, call me up when you need some help fighting crime".
Since a lot of guys worry about what to say on the phone, this gives him an easy, low-pressure way of calling you up to initiate conversation". 
What are your secrets to making sure a man calls you back?

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