#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

The Ghosts of Christmas Pasts

Seems that Santa got my wish list mixed up this year. I guess when I asked him to send me a beloved for the New Year- I forgot to specify a "new" one.
A card reader had informed me that my transition from 2013 into 2014 would be interesting. UNDERSTATEMENT! Apparently Venus is in retrograde- causing a lot of old relationships to reappear in my "present" day.
After settling down into my "single" bed at Kripalu that first night, I drifted off into a BLISSful state of sleep. There was total acceptance of the fact that I was at the retreat and flying solo.
Enter the ghosts.
The visions of years gone by did not however appear in my dreams. This is 2014!
Life's lessons were waiting for me when I woke up the next day.
Reminders of my past came in the context of text messages, emails as well as match.com notifications. New Years wishes, along with requests to reconnect were the main theme of each. Flattering, of course. For me- it triggered more self-reflection, as I contemplated what I learnt with each of those relationships, however brief or casual the interaction may have been. From long lost love dating back before I was married, to a long a distance romance of recent. All were people I had not heard from in eons. That goddess was working overtime!
As I scanned the screen, one message caught my eye immediately.
"Let's get married"
This stood out on my inbox like Rudolph's nose amongst the other reindeer.
Like a beautifully wrapped box, the intention was to tantalize my curiosity so that I may pick it up, rattle it around to see if I may like the sound what is tinkering inside.
I decided to leave the gift under the tree, admiring the "beaux" from afar and forever. I truly believe someone else would better appreciate the contents.

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