#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Fun, Food and Fodder for Flirting

Have you ever gone out for dinner with someone and worried about what you have in common to talk about?
Well, there is a new place in town that appeals to our human instincts and taste buds- Atame is serving up everything aphrodisiac.
Atame, literally translated means "tie me up", is a new concept restaurant in Montreal appealing to all our senses. The subject matter may not be what you would normally put out into the universe on first date, but my dinner companion and I had some "stimulating conversation", from the moment we started perusing the menu together.
How could you not be tempted and your senses aroused with a menu that reads like a Kama sutra guidebook.
Amuse bouche are referred to as nibbles, foreplay instead of appetizers, shared passions was our main course and climax for dessert- everything hints at having fun and feeling flirty. The only topic missing on the menu was pillow talk, which is not really an omission, as the banter naturally went there anyway.
The live music added a sexy, sultry, feel to the intimate seating space, as our table was divided from the other dinners by billowy white curtains. The atmosphere just oozed with a romantic sensuality, that makes you forget you are there too eat.
So, if anyone wants a sure fire way to seduce your lover, or potential lover over dinner, Atame is the place to go- but keep the handcuffs at home. It is a public place after all! Lol
Simply described as "deliciously seductive"
Bon appetite!


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