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Fork- you spoon!

There is a sequel to my comedic metaphor of Costadina MG's blog post about the spoon and the fork. Consider this when contemplating your choice of which utensil you would choose- if only one could be had.
 The fork is sleek, long lined and retains its cool even when piercing into hot meaty flesh. User beware however, every once in a while it has a habit of piercing us with its prickly tines and we get hurt.

The spoon on the other hand feeds us comfort like mashed potatoes, cereal, soup and ice cream. Smooth in nature, the spoon tends to take on the elements that surround it and glids gently over our tongue.The spoon feed us almost anything- but try to eat a bowl of soup with a fork.

The choice seems obvious as to which to reach for.

My solution to all of this?

I say- eat spaghetti where the two work as one to satisfy our desire for comfort.


The spoon can do everything the fork can. Is the reverse true?



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