#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Flying Solo!

Flying solo!

Here I am, 52 years young and find myself in a place that I thought I had long ago left behind, never to revisit.  Single and dating again. 

I lovingly refer to this as my dyslexic dating stage as the last time I was single was in 1985 when I was 25.  

I am not sure how I ended up in this strange land. I packed my bags, bought a ticket to paradise, or so I thought. I buckled up and took off on the journey, not knowing I would arrive at an alternate destination due to inclement weather.  As the turbulence intensified my breathing started getting compromised. I knew I had to put on my oxygen mask first as I cannot help those I love unless I prepared myself first.

Talk about a surprise crash landing...with no lifejacket!

I found myself on a deserted beach of Divorce island - the rubble of what was my life before scattered all around. I realized I was bleeding but there was no time to tend to my wounds as there were other more fragile victims laying at my feet. The chair where my co-pilot once sat now empty, we were not abandoned but as the plane hit he got catapulted to a secluded island of his own. There was no survival manual in sight to guide either of us. All I was certain of was that all of us had to find our way back to a new reality.

Years have passed since that initial crash landing and I realize that like many, there is no rushing time. There is a process to life after divorce and we can't skip any stages. 

We each choose our own pace with an emphasis on different elements of our transformation but there is no doubt that each individual will step forward into a new reality. I've spent 365 days finding out about love, where and how to find it, there's no doubt that things have changed. 

My journey of 365 days to find love will be over on Feb 14th, just 2 weeks from now, but my adventure continues with #365 Get Connected. 

Come see me at my #365Love booth at the Salon Vivre en Solo from February 14-16 and register to win a trip for two to Dominican Republic graciously provided to 365 Get Connected by Viva Wyndham Resorts.  Each registered 365 Get Connected member will have the added bonus of getting a free one week trial of a great new app called Funbers, an anonymous phone calling system. Come check it out!

I am flying high and solo!  With 365 Get Connected, the adventure continues.


XO  Cheryl 

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