#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

The ever ready bunny

"Just keeps on going and going"

Until now!

Slogans are meant to stick in our minds and trigger a repulse action of memory recognition. I find there are times that for no apparent reason, some of the classics from my younger days keep chiming in at random.

Today’s epiphany was the realization that life sometimes seems to overwhelm me of late. Like many other readers have expressed, the thought of going out is often exhausting. For an extreme social bunny that is a biggie and something I have rarely experienced

"Calgon take me away". To my bath I will go and hopefully after a good long soak, I will feel a bit more like myself- recharged, relaxed and ready to tackle my day and night. I will put on a dress, a bit of make up and as Nike says "Just do it!"

My 365 countdown continues… "Time keeps on ticking"

What are some of your favorite slogans?





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