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Computer Savvy…?

Day 1 of the new and improved Cheryl Besner… I’m a blogger extraordinaire who is notoriously not too computer savvy – but I’m learning!

Oh, where do I begin….

The first stop on my new journey –  the Apple store on Ste Catherine street in Montreal.

To be or not to be….desk top versus laptop.

16, 32, or 64 GB… but first – what exactly is a Gigabite?

To cloud or not to cloud and then – how to cloud? There ain’t no heaven in this computer hell I’m surrounded with at the moment, I can tell you that!

All I want is a simple typewriter – like in the old days – and a photocopier with a glue stick where I can position a photo into the script where I want it to be… but gone are the days!

Then I see the “Genius Bar” and I think… nirvana  – as my prayers are to be answered!  Only to find that the only thing being served up there is more tech info, which was the thing causing my desire for an alcoholic beverage in the first place.

I have been in the store half an hour and by this time I have 3 wonderful people trying to make my fear of the cyber world become more of a happy place. After entertaining them with the basic needs I have for a computer, we narrow down my search due to one basic necessity… whatever looks the prettiest!

No seriously… I need to have a basic computer so I can be adept at blogging and communicating via email with a large enough screen to see my work and not need my glasses  – ‘cos they are never where I need them!

There is an expert for everything associated with your Apple computer experience in the store.  You have the greeters checking you in upon arrival on their handy ipads, even including your picture for identification, because when the associate approaches you,  they say your name as if you are old friends. Then there is the Genius Bar for repairs, the sales associate for purchases, a specialist for the set up, tech support for one-on-one lessons, everyone of them knows what they’re talking about.

“All I want for Christmas” as the song goes… is one Partridge! I plead for one person to start with me and walk me through what would work best to accommodate all my needs and “temporary” inabilities and make my dreams come true.

So… enter Lise, JSP, Elias and the littlest Apple angel Gabrielle. Together, they became my red apple support group leading me towards my computer heaven.

After much deliberation, with a few calls to my son for backup advice, a choice is made.

I bought my new desktop computer, clouded it, notice the perfect techno lingo, with my new mini iPad, which is perfect as I can now dictate my blog while driving – taking multitasking to whole new level of efficiency – and bonus  – it fits in a small purse. At the service desk all my applications were downloaded, passwords that I hope I don’t forget assigned, and my screen formatted.

A little crash course in the basics, like how to turn it on… and voila! All that remains is to go home and plug her in.

”And then there was laughter all through the house”… the entire crowd on the second floor of the flagship Apple store started clapping and cheering for these wonderful 3.

Now I’m ready to take on the next 365 days of my quest for love. Today I came to appreciate yet another side of me… the one that doesn’t take myself too seriously and can admit to my insecurities while learning and adapting to new endeavors and challenges.

I am happy that I brought a group of individuals together and for a short while we were a family, laughing and enjoying what could have been a frustrating experience for both parties. My openness of how little I knew caused them to all band together to support and educate me with patience and kindness. For this I say thanks to all…

“And to all a good night”….



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