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Building Foundations

Sunday brunches at Lemeac- a routine where I spoil myself and my diet and this week was no exception. I often write my blogs while enjoying the usual, bilinis with smoked salmon, poached eggs and caviar accompanied by a perfectly chilled glass (or two) of Les Barons Sancerre.
This weekend, I invited a few guests to join me. The eclectic group of individuals seated around the table prompted various stimulating topics of conversation.
We talked about our passions, experiences and expertise in life- current events, travel, TV, fashion, food, photography, art and a primary focus on architecture and LOVE!
After saying goodbye to Chantale Desjardins and Marco Robidoux, Tim Abrahams, editor in chief-online for the Canadian Center for Architecture, took the rest of us on a guided tour of the museum. I listened intently to the conversations between Tim, Peter Murray, the renowned architect and journalist and TV host Heidi Hollinger, who had interviewed this visionary for her show last year.
Talk of foundations, framework, molding, wiring, bricks and mortar, coping, bonding, joints, building, balance, blending, rigidity vs. pliability.
I kept thinking what if we built relationships like we do homes. Would we not stand a better chance at surviving the elements of time?
Canadian Home Builder Association suggests starting with a pre-construction plan, build the foundation, framing, then interior and exterior design is next and finally the finishing touches. Home Sweet Home.
It may not sound romantic- but remember the story of the three little pigs!
If you just buy 2x4's and some nails at Home Depot and just start hammering- how long do you think your house will last?


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