#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Beirut vs. Berkshires

These two lands are a similar dichotomy such as the expressions:
Nature vs. nurture
Calm before the storm
Less is more
It is New Years week and I found myself at yet another crossroads.
I had every intention last week while in Lake Tahoe, of returning to Montreal, changing suitcases and jetting off to Beirut- but then a bomb went off! Literally and figuratively. The one that provoked me to rethink my position was the one that exploded in my head.
The beautiful Nada Merhi, founder of Red Carpet Magazine Lebanon
I realized that as much as I was looking forward to being with friends, exploring a new city and learning first hand about another culture- I really needed some inner calm and time to regroup for the coming year.
Me time!
This Single Gal is flying solo this New Year's Eve, but not to a place of extravagant restaurants, night clubs and parties.
Instead, The Kripalu Yoga Retreat in The Berkshires called my name. I have traded in my stilettos for my new Nike foot wraps and a yoga mat, trendy continental food for vegetarian cuisine, coffee for herbal tea and Dom Perignon for green juice.
Some may think I’ve finally lost my mind, but the truth is I feel like I never understood my needs or myself better until now.
I am enrolled in their R and R program, as well as a workshop called "The Writing Warrior", deepening our writing by bravely facing yourself. I am looking forward to meeting Laraine Herring. I know I will be doing more self- introspection, while finally learning how to be grammatically correct! LOL
As my year of finding love comes closer to an end, I embrace the thought of spending the rest of 2013 as an individual amongst total strangers and bringing in the New Year with a new sense of balance.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you are all as in a good space as I find myself today.

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