#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Argentine Tango for one please!

I found myself drifting down the corridors of Kripalu, drawn by the sound of distant laughter and the music.
The vibrant sounds that had captured my intrigue, reminded me of another place in time. I was momentarily being transported to 1978 and the streets of downtown Montreal- descending a staircase that would ultimately lead to the depths of some "Saturday Night Fever" wannabe scene at a night club and my rum and coke.
Yet here I am, at the entrance to Shadowbrook room, the main hall of the yoga retreat, doors flung wide open and hundreds of dancers floating around to the strong distinct tone of an Argentine tango. Their bodies moving as one, yet there are no partners on the dance floor. Everyone is lost in their own dance, but to the same beat. We are all solo in this routine - as in life.
The energy was so powerful. The majestic appeal was that it was all being generated from within their hearts, minds and bodies. There was no one intoxicated, as this is a dry retreat. Guided by the voice of Sage Peeler, there was a complete surrender to the dance- each movement was uniquely voluntary, natural, welcomed and embraced.
Sage and I have fun dancing for the female gods!
You moved us all. Literally!
Do your ever dance your solo like there is no tomorrow?

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