#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

"Up in the air"- With love

On a recent Royal Caribbean cruise vacation, I went to see a show on board that mesmerized me while at the same time intrigued me- conjuring all sorts of metaphors of life.
I was watching this beautiful aerial routine done with silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling and found myself thinking how much this pas de deux was similar to a relationship.
The man and woman entwined themselves within each other and the silk fabric- constantly embracing and releasing each other, with total trust and complete abandonment of fear.
They were relying on each other for support- knowing that if one let the other fall, the dance would be over. The silk flowing like clouds around them transformed what could have been an acrobatic trapeze routine into a soft love affair.
I met with the dance captain for C5 events- Justin Driscol of Atlanta Georgia after the show, to get some idea of what in his opinion, makes for a great duet.
Trust and respect were the first two words he mentioned- lots of practice and no blame, if someone misses a step or falls. You analyze and learn from the mistakes and try to not repeat them so you can grow.
The important part is to master the routine on the ground and work up to the aerial.
Thank you to all the performers for taking my mind and breathe away on such a wonderful romantic journey.
If you were 50 feet up in the air, would you trust your partner to catch you?

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