#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

11:11 Make a wish!

I have a friend that consistently sends me a prompter at exactly 11:11 to make my daily wish. I often wondered if she sets an alarm for the minute before the clock strikes or if she is just a beautiful witch.
My wish has been the same since day one of 2013- to find love, calm understanding of me and to feel and embrace my BLISS.
Not complicated, yet not so simple either.
A GENTLEman had given me a book on "finding your bliss" and I have taken it to heart. Through his helpful and insightful guidance, I kept going deeper into myself, which ultimately landed me here.
One year later, I found myself bringing in 2014 at the Kripalu Yoga Center - exactly where I was meant to be. A DATE WITH MYSELF.
I gotta dance everywhere I go- it's a part of me
Sitting crossed legged on the floor in a room full of strangers. Midnight meditation and chanting was lead by Rolf Gates and the experience was made mystic by the duo of violins and voice, an angel named Ida Jo.
As midnight rolled in, our eyes were closed, we were all individuals, one with ourselves. We were not single, married, mother, son. Status outside this space had no bearing in this place and time. We embraced our own mind, body and soul in silence and peace, welcoming ourselves to the New Year commencing.
There were no noisemakers other than our beating hearts.
No Champagne to drink (yes! day 3 of no wine and feeling great!)
Louboutin stilettos were on the shelf at home, replaced by UGG slippers at the door.
I missed my family and friends, but I knew because of all my introspection, my 11:11 wish had finally materialized and right on time. It was mine- I had my BLISS.
The peaceful view from my room
Thank you 2013 for all that I have become.
What will the NEXT 365 days bring to you?

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