#365 Love is not about being single, it is about being social

Guys! This one is for YOU! Here are some of my tips to get that woman you WANT to yes, again!



I am boarding a flight to New York later today and as I pack my bag a song sung by the late great Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole keeps playing over and over in my mind.
And that I shall do! My weekend getaway starts with a rendezvous today at 5pm with a "client liaison" (only in NY such eloquent name for matchmaker) from Kelleher International- who's motto is "Making love happen...since 1986".  
The company boasts a success rate of 85%, so I figure I have nothing to lose… Well almost nothing. There is a substantial fee attached to their service. Heck, I figure- what better investment can I make than in myself and in the pursuit of companionship. They do all the leg work- screening and arranging, and I just have to show up and meet my potential Mr. Right in the city of choice. Efficient no?
Dating coaches and I agree that we should go to places or do activities that interest us and hopefully like will attract like. 
What better place for me than New York? 
What do you think about hiring someone to do your screening for you? 


A whirlwind is a weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind (a vertically oriented rotating column of air) forms due to instabilities and turbulence created by heating and flow (current) gradients. 
The thing about a whirlwind is that it usually appears without warning- spins out of control and then leaves a mess in its wake. 
Well, ladies and gents- I got caught in a vortex and lived to tell the tale.
I must admit that I am grateful that it touched down very softly and never really picked up any speed- but it did leave its mark.
It is exciting to get caught up in fantasy of what could be when the energy of the moment is so intense– there is no time to breath, the force of the air beneath your feet is just lifting you higher and higher.
Question is- where and how do you land?
I think I just prefer to enjoy a soft breeze, which gently blows in from the south- first warming my skin and slowly penetrating to heat my inner soul.
There was a lesson for me to learn here. Pay attention to the weather reports! I need to trust my instincts at all times and never follow the lead of someone else- especially when I know that it takes time to really know and trust someone.  
EVENTUALLY, when the winds calm down and we see the true nature of the sky- we can decide to let go of our hearts. 
Have you ever been knocked off your feet by a strong gust of wind?
Share your story with us.